한국국제크리스천스쿨의 커리큘럼은 미국의 10대 크리스천출판사에서 수십 년간 연구하며 개발한 크리스천학교 커리큘럼으로서 성경과 기독교 세계관에 입각하여 구성 및 제작되었으며, 현재 미국 크리스천스쿨의 70% 이상이 채택한 검증된 커리큘럼입니다.



The ultimate purpose of the Christian education is to make a disciple of Christ. 


The Bible has given that authority only to church and home. Therefore, the Christian education must be carried out by biblically structured churches and Christian homes. The effort of KICS is to educate students to become “Truly God’s People.” Through using the curriculums deeply rooted in a biblical world view, KICS provides an atmospherefor students to learn to glorify God, be grateful for their salvation, and come to full realization of their tasks. 


The classes of KICS are conducted in English using the curriculums from Bob Jones University in the US. 







 ① Students are taught to read the Bible as a personal guideline under the supervision of the Holy Spirit. 

 ② Students are assigned to read at least one book from the Bible every week. 

 ③ Students must memorize the Bible verses assigned by their teacher. 

 ④ For each book of the Bible, students need to understand its historical background and author’s original 

    intended meaning, which reflexes the theme of the entire Bible. 

 ⑤ Teachers must assist students to both understand and apply biblical principles into their lives. 

 ⑥ Teachers must demonstrate the truth and necessity of the biblical absolutes to students 

 ⑦ Teachers must teach students the biblical salvation and transformation of saints.

 ⑧ Students should be able to testify concerning God’s love, salvation of Christ, and the guidance of the 

    Holy Spirit. 






① Students must learn to spell words correctly, use appropriate grammar, and write legibly. 

② Students must keep a record of daily lessons. 

③ Students are taught to clearly express their thoughts. 

④ Students must read the Bible and well known Western literatures. 

⑤ All classes are conducted in English. 







① Students must practice fundamental pronunciation. 

② Students must repeat reading assigned books with a clear expression.

③ Students must read books in diverse genres. 

④ Students must select and comprehend literatures in their English level. 

⑤ Students must discover the principles from some of the well known Western literatures and apply them 

    into their lives. 

⑥ Students must develop reading habit. 





Writing & Grammar

① Students must learn fundamental grammar.

② Students must learn to select appropriate vocabularies in order to express clear thoughts.

③ Students should be able to classify a book’s genre after reading it.

④ Students must learn literary structures.

⑤ Students must give an effort to apply authors’ ideology and sensitivity into their lives.
 ⑥ Students must develop a habit of writing essays in diverse genres.







① Students must learn the basic grammar needed to speak.

② Students must learn the phrases used in everyday life.

③ Students must learn to improve confidence and speak naturally through situation plays.







① Students must practice fundamental mathematical principles.

② Students must learn both practicalities and general principles of math.

③ Students should be able to discover unchanging God’s attributes in mathematical principles. 





역사·지리 History/Geography

 ① Students must learn that no historical event can be explained without God’s intuition since He is the

    sovereign designer of the human race. 

 ② Students must learn that God is still in control of daily affairs in this earth. 

 ③ Students must learn to practice diverse cultural activities, including Korean and American, in order to

    broaden their perception of the world geography.

 ④ Students are encouraged to take a field trip to a musical concert, an art display, a food festival, and a 

    construction site in order to broaden their perception of the world geography.

 ⑤ Over the time, students must understand the history based on the biblical accounts. 




과학 Science

 ① Students must comprehend God’s plan for the creation. 

 ② Students should be able to hypothesize scientific principles in order to deepen their understanding of 

    God’s order of the creation.

 ③ That process should lead students to study the nature of God’s laws and principles set forth in the


 ④ Student must realize that science is “a method to fulfill the purpose.” 

 ⑤ Students must understand that science cannot be the ultimate purpose, but rather, it is the only an

    instrument and a process of God’s creation. 

 ⑥ Learning is accomplished by class lectures and lab works. 

 ⑦ Learning is also accomplished by field trips, guest speakers, and diverse experiments.





미술 Arts

 ① Students are encouraged to develop their potential of creativity. 

 ② Students are encouraged to discover and develop their own unique aesthetics. 

 ③ Students are encouraged to develop their art potential by observing diverse forms of art and

    participating diverse events related to art. 






음악 Music

 ① Students are encouraged to sing praises to God on a regular basis with a joyful heart.

 ② Students are encouraged to practice musical instruments and their voice.

 ③ Students are encouraged to practice traditional and modern music along with hymns.

 ④ Students are encouraged to have a personal music tutor.







 ① Students must learn to appropriately use Korean language in speaking, reading, and listening. 

 ② Students must establish desirable Korean values.





Korean History

 ① Students ought to develop a national pride by appropriately understanding Korean history and tradition.

 ② Students ought to develop patriotism and desirable Korean values.





Physical Education

 ① Students must be familiar with basic rules of collectivism and learn to cooperate with others. 

 ② Students must participate in diverse physical education activities in order to develop healthy mind and 







 ① Students are encouraged to learn Chinese language and culture.

 ② Text books and class lessons are systematically divided up into several levels.






Extracurricular Activities 

 Its purpose is to discover each student’s talents. It is also designed to help students to live out a life of a steward by participating in school activities. Lastly, it helps students to develop their character and learn to interact with others.