KICS Suwon

Ministry Field



Online and Offline Program (K3~G12)

It is an international education program approved by American Education Department for credit and degree. It is operated by American Christian Private School, College and University program with applicable school. American Christian Private School (3rd to 12th grade) education program help to get American high school diploma and qualified to enter American University. College/University program help to earn Bachelor, Master and Ph. D degree from Tennessee Temple University which has an exclusive contract with our school. 

(Agreement with: BJUP, LifeWay, Christian Light Publication, Tennessee Temple University, Liberty University, Trinity University) 





Jones Institute

We studied educational and bibliographical documents which are related to Christian textbook and curriculum. We also provide the translation of American Christian book to spread Christian education and culture ministry.Signing a Contract with BJUP’s Christian school’s curriculum, translating into Korean language and publication, we publish bible, science, reading and more books which are translated into Korea through Jones Book Publication.Also we signed a contract which is to supply Christian textbook with LifeWay which is the largest Christian Publication in America. To spread Christian education and culture, we signed a contract with Christian Light Publication as well.Jones Institute is trying best to provide true Christian culture to entire society by supplying Christian book, studying and translating literatures

717 Movement Support to establish School

KICS takes part in ‘717 movement’ which means 700 well educated Christian schools, 70 leaders and 1 million supporters. For spreading Christian culture, KICS supports entire process of establishing Christian School from setting up the direction and how to run it.

Supporting content 

1) Procedure of establishing school and manage it. 2) Provide Curriculum. 3) Hiring faculty and education. 4) Provide Online Education Program. 5) Provide Homeschooling program. 6) Provide Exchange student program and Study abroad program. 





KACS(Korean Association of Christian Schools)


KACS is affiliated with Korean International Christian School.

 We actively take part in establishing Christian School in Korea and

also developing and promoting Christian Education.

We support all Christian schools to have an Christian Education that shows

Christ’ character and grow scholarly.


Main Ministry  

- Support joined school
- Hold KACS contest and conference  



Korea Christian Arts School - Music

Music moves the hearts of people and also gives happiness snd peace.

Sometimes strength and courage. Music, which moves human minds also would have the power to be able to move the world.


Students who pass through Korea International Christian Art School,

will lead 21st century by giving hope and dream to many people

as Christian leaders, artists and great teachers.


We will do our best to uprear students’ spiritually personality and

artistic values by bringing their artistic powers and creativity.