Admissions Process & Policy

Admissions Process & Policy


1. Attending school presentation: Parents are advised to attend the presentation that is held every

 Tuesday·Thursday 10 am & 6 pm at 3rd floor of main building together with students (over 4th grade). 

 Individual meeting with the principal is also possible after the presentation.

2. Attending the camp : During the vacation – Candidates can attend the summer or winter English spiritual 

  camp help in Chungcheon campus.

3. Documentary screening: Students who have been notified acceptance must purchase the registration 

form in the administration office at the first floor of the main building and submit it to the same office in

person or by post. 

4. 2nd Notification of acceptance: After the successful documentary screening procedure, the invoice for the school fee and student guide book will be distributed in person or dispatched to your address.

5. Paying the school fee: Parents must read and understand the financial plan of the school before 

registration. School fee must be paid to the school bank account.

1. Entry requirement(student)


- Kindergarten students must be over the age of 4.

- Admission to G1 must be over the age of 6.

- Grade will be determined based on individual student’s academic ability. All decisions will be determined

  by the Admissions Committee and school principals.

- All students must know that school has been given the authority by their parents and therefore they 

  must abide by the school regulation and obey the instruction of the principal and teachers.

- In general, when students follow all school rules, Korea International Christian School provide students 

  with same learning opportunities regardless of racial and gender of the students without discrimination.

- Students who need special tutoring will undertake a special program on campus after consulting, and any program outside of the school is subject to the principal’s permission.

 - Grade 7 students or above students must have their confidence of salvation. 

Entry requirement(parents)

- Member of a protestant evangelical church.

 - Attend church regularly.

 - Endeavour to make evangelical Christian family.

 - Not only agree with all the school regulations but also cooperate as a member of a family in God even 

   though they can not be thoroughly satisfied with school.

3 Entry priority

The priority of the re-enrolling and new students is determined as follows: 

 - re-enrolling current student.

 - children of teachers or staff of KICS.

 - sisters and brothers of current KICS student.

 - Occasions not mentioned above will be considered through the appropriate entry procedure. 

4 Student health records

All new students must be vaccinated legitimately prior to enrollment approved by the Republic of Korea 

Ministry of Health and must prove their worth on paper. Students at the school can be given the medicine

only if prescribed by a physician. However school can give students medicine in case of minor illness.

 - The following information must be submitted to the administration office to protect the health of the


 - Emergency contact: Contact information in case of emergency.

 Ex) Medical record – medicines taken on long term basis.



5 Documents

- Reference – 3 copies ( Pastor -1 , two others – 2 )

- Health Certificate – 1 copy

- Questionnaire – 1 copy

- passport size photos – 4 

 - transcript from the most recent educational institution attended. 

- Alien’s ID – 2 copies ( Foreign nationals )

- Korean ID – 2 copies – School fee refund policy document.

 - agreement letter 

- A weekly paper from the church attended – 1 copy

- family photo – 1 copy


Condition for cancellation of the acceptance

 1. Those who achieved admission with false documents.

 2. Those who have serious hardship in school life due to Physical infirmity, mental disorder or etc.

 3. Those whose parents turned out to be heresy and therefore thought to seriously harm the school